Godox 84cm Black White Umbrella for Studio Flash Photography

Godox 84cm Black White Umbrella for Studio Flash Photography

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Condition: Brand new in original packaging


White reflective umbrellas give a far more natural and softer quality of light than silver umbrellas. Shadow fall-off tends to be more gradual, too. White reflective umbrellas are a safer bet to use on most subjects. Light modifying umbrellas are designed to expand the size of a light source -- resulting in a softer, more flattering light. Umbrellas are also ideal for travelling and on-location use. They are easy to assemble and very lightweight to carry around.
Works well to diffuse the light from any flash creating a soft even light for your subject
Attaches easily to the flash and creates a very large source of soft illumination
Unfolds quickly for use and takes up little space, and carries easily
Used with studio strobe, flash, especially for Godox WITSTRO flash
Godox 84cm diffuser photo soft umbrella for studio flash
Creates soft and diffused light
This reflective umbrella softens the effect of direct flash illumination, with softer highlights than a silver reflective umbrella.

What's in the box
1 x 84cm Black outside, White inside Reflective Umbrella.
1 x transparent slip-on cover.